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Do you consider yourself to be part of the Geek or Nerd culture? Do you also get a 404 when you try to find others to share your passion about games, anime, manga, programming, computers, science, tech, gadgets, etc.. ? We understand your feeling and that is why we must unite!

Join our community on Discord https://discord.gg/UzsMrj2 .

Here you find more geeks & nerds like yourself to connect and hang out with.

For cool meet up inspirations, please check out Find Geek Spots (https://findgeekspots.com) and for Geek events (https://geekevents.nl).

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Halloween Movie time: The shining!

Online evenement

Hey Geeks! Heeeere's Johnny! With Corona lockdown measures in full effect, we are continuing our online events. Also Halloween is coming up, so why not combine them by watching a classic horror movie together? The Shining is a masterpiece by Stanley Kubrick and has spawned a multitude of memes. It tops multiple Best Horror Movies lists and it curiously won awards for Best Director AND Worst Director 🤔 Where to check it out; Just go to the Geeks United Discord on 31 October 20:00 and go to the voice chat underneath the header Anime/Serie/Movie Night. Further instructions will be provided in the ⏐📺⏐-tv-series-movie channel. You will be able to keep the voice chat on to talk with other people, or you can mute everbody and watch the movie just like you're watching it by yourself! JOIN US!! GEEKS UNITED Discord Link: https://discord.gg/UzsMrj2 For more about the movie, check the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S014oGZiSdI Hope to see you there!

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Movie time: Akira!

Online evenement