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Time for our first AR/VR meetup in Ghent! We've invited the cream of AR & VR for this first edition hosted at In The Pocket HQ:

18h00: Welcome

18h30: Lucas Selfslagh (3D Engineer @ In The Pocket & founder of Ghent Theft Auto) & Kenny Deriemaecker (AR lead @ In The Pocket).
Lucas & Kenny will share insights on how they build digital products with AR at In The Pocket, zoom in on some of the technical and creative challenges they've come across in the past 2 years, and share some lessons learned along the way

19h00: Wim Wouters (Digital product designer)
Tech wizard at the Port of Antwerp and co-founder of Poppins & Wayne with more than 15 years experience in designing, developing and producing innovative games and multimedia projects. Curious what he's been developing the last year?

19h30: Jeroen Dessaux (Co-Owner and Lead Designer at Triangle Factory)
Jeroen produced The Hallow, a LBE (Location based entertainment) VR experience for The Park Playground from Telenet.

20h00: Drinks & pizza