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Wat we doen

Java, open source and beyond.... that is the focus for this Meetup!

The list with topics is endless, to give you an idea:

Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Data, DevOps, Maven, Java 8, Java EE 7, Polymer, React.js, Docker, Eclipse, Microservices, IntelliJ, Oracle, Play framework, AngularJS, Angular2, Node.js, Kubernetes, KumuluzEE, Wicket, GWT, Material Design, Mesos, Apache Spark, Apache Camel, Bootstrap, Blender, Git, Vagrant, Dart, RxJS, Yeoman, Sonar, Nexus, Jenkins, CLM, Fortify, TDD, Scrum, Agile, Gradle, Groovy, Kotlin, Python, Swift, Arquillian, JUnit, Hibernate, Java FX, Cloud, Mockito, JSON, IoT, TypeScript, ECMAScript 6, MongoDB, Rest, Selenium, Selenide, Fitnesse, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, SPA (Single Page Applications), NoSQL, Relational Databases, Business Intelligence, Architecture, Scala

Come join us!