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‘Skeptics in the Pub’ meetings are organized all over the world for people who are interested critical thinking, science and pseudoscience. Every month there will be a talk by an interesting speaker on various topics that tickle your rational curiosity. After the talks, there will be room for questions and discussion. All this is done whilst enjoying a drink or two :-).

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Peter ten Wolde - Reset your worldview with factfulness

Update 3: we have a new date: May 13th! Factfulness is a term that was coined by Ola Rosling of the Gapminder foundation (www.gapminder.org) which means: the stress-reducing habit of only carrying opinions for which you have strong supporting facts. Ola is the son of the late Hans Rosling, the professor of International Health and master-statistician-story-teller who sadly passed away in 2017. This evening Peter ten Wolde will lecture about our worldview, how this is shaped by our background, education and the news sources we use. That worldview turns out to be distorted and outdated for most people. The lecture covers: - The mechanisms of pre-conceived ideas; - A different approach how to deal with these; - And that in many respects the world is in much better shape than we are often inclined to think. Both from a personal and business perspective a very relevant topic in this turbulent age of cursory news and a globalised world that changes at an ever-increasing rate. Peter (@peter_tenwolde) graduated from The Hague University of Applied Science in 1993 where he studied information management. For more than 20 years he consulted companies about topics like reporting, analysis, scorecards and budgeting. Peter is now dedicated to spread Roslings’ Factfulness message as a public speaker.

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