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Think and drink: Alternative medicine - harmless of harmful?
The think and drink evenings are a little different than our normal evenings. On this evening it is all about interacting with each other. There will be one topic that will be shortly introduced and then discussed in a group (or groups) while enjoying a nice drink (or drinks :) ). Our first ever think and drink topic will be 'Alternative medicine: harmless or harmful?' In Dutch there is a saying 'Baat het niet dan schaadt het niet' (If it doesn't work, it doesn't harm) but is that really the case when it comes to alternative medicine? Are there dangers when it comes to alternative medicine usage? Let's discuss....

Cafe buckshot

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 58 · Groningen

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‘Skeptics in the Pub’ meetings are organized all over the world for people who are interested critical thinking, science and pseudoscience. Every month there will be a talk by an interesting speaker on various topics that tickle your rational curiosity. After the talks, there will be room for questions and discussion. All this is done whilst enjoying a drink or two :-).

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