Wat we doen

[English below] In deze groep willen we ons concentreren op het specifieke onderdeel Machine Learning als onderdeel van het vakgebied Data Science.

This group is for anyone willing to focus on specifically on Machine Learning as part of the data science general discipline.

Objectives of the group are:
- Be part of a local ML community
- Learn by doing
- Bring your own project.
- Work together on a (weekly) timed basis. For this we need office location(s).
- Have monthly meetups together containing
- Discussion about a specific topic
- Show project progress / problems found / solved / hurdles
- Maybe have every 3 month a guest speaker?

We have a supporting website https://groningenml.nl (https://groningenml.nl/) and a git repo https://github.com/groningenml

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#5 Storm Digital

Heeft een locatie nodig

Program follows. 18:00 Food and about Storm Digital 21:00 End

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