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At Gitaaracademie L. A. Mayer we offer unique group courses for different beginner levels. Our level 1 course is specifically designed for absolute beginners and we start a new level 1 course about every one to two months.

If you can already play a little and know the basics we always have courses running on different levels that you can join mid course. In that case we will evaluate your level and then decide which group suits you best. You can then try out one lesson for free and afterwards decide if you would like to sign up.

Our courses are not only a great way to learn the basics of playing the guitar, but also a fantastic chance to meeting new people while having fun playing music together. Twice a year you will also get the chance to perform with your group and in one of our adult student concerts at the legendary Amsterdam bar 'De nieuwe Anita'.

Here is all the important information about our adult group courses:

Price - €11 (excl. btw) per 1 hour lesson. Lessons are paid per block of 12 lessons which comes to a total €132. For students above the age of 21 there will be 21% btw added to the total amount. In this case the total amount is €159.70.

Location - All courses take place at our studio in Amsterdam west. The address is Schaepmanstraat 228, 1051JJ Amsterdam. There is paid street parking available and it is easy to reach by public transport (bus 21 or tram number 3 and 5).

What do you need? - All you need is a functioning guitar. If you do not own a guitar yet we will be happy to give you some advice on which guitar to get.

Group size - The groups consist of a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 students. This assures that the teacher has enough time to help out everyone individually.

What do you learn? - In the level 1 course you will learn all the basic chords, fingerpicking/strumming patterns, how to play along with simple songs and most importantly the most efficient ways to practice on your own.

In the higher level courses you will get a taste of many different techniques and styles, tips and tricks to make seemingly difficult things such as bar chords etc. easier for you to play. We always try to make it as enjoyable as possible for you by incorporating the new chords/techniques into songs to play along to. We usually start out the lesson with technical exercises such as fingerpicking and strumming patterns before moving on the playing songs together.

How to sign up - To sign up please send us an email to info@gitaaracademie.com letting us know if you are interested in the next level 1 course or if you are a more advanced beginner. We will then provide you with all the information needed. Also feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Who teaches the classes? - All our teachers are highly professional musicians and music educators with many years of experience. Every teacher at Gitaaracademie L. A. Mayer holds a masters degree from world renowned music conservatoires.

We hope to welcome you into our guitar community soon!

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Level 1 Beginner course March 2020!

Gitaaracademie L. A. Mayer, Amsterdam

Level 2 beginner course March 12th!

Gitaaracademie L. A. Mayer, Amsterdam

Beginner course starting February 27th!

Gitaaracademie L. A. Mayer, Amsterdam

Beginner course January 2020!

Gitaaracademie L. A. Mayer, Amsterdam