Volgende Meetup

Monthly book club/swap meet
Bring a book (fiction or non-fiction) to the first meet. Please write your name in the front cover. It might take a few months for the book to make it's way back to you, but we'll keep track of who has which book every month. Choose a book that interest you from the number of books brought and enjoy reading it. When we get together the following month, share your thoughts on the book as well as a short synopsis (without giving away too much of the story). Each member will have an opportunity to host the event, serving drinks only. Depending on the amount of people, the location might change on short notice.

Heeft een locatie nodig

Wat we doen

Informal, monthly book club/swap. Everyone welcome!

Bring a book (either fiction or non-fiction) and swap it for one of the other member's books you're interested in or haven't read before. Make sure you put your name in the book so it eventually finds it's way back to you. We'll get together once a month and allow everyone to share a synopsis and opinion of the book they read - gezellig of course with a glass of wine (or any other beverage of choice). Hosting will take place on a rotation basis. Perhaps a restaurant/bar if you don't have the space at home.