Wat we doen

We are a group of hackers (programmers) located in Zwolle. The Hacker Dojo is a place where hackers come together to peer program and share knowledge on new technology, web frameworks and open source libraries.

We love to hack the web and we have great interest in new technology and prototyping stuff. Our interests include, but are most certainly not limited to: controlling Arduino’s using Node, building responsive websites using Bootstrap and AngularJS, creating Chromecast apps, hacking the Pebble smartwatch, exploring Polymer and Web Components, create mobile apps using PhoneGap, discover Leap Motion and more.

Every first friday of the month we host a new meetup. We simply pick a shared topic of interest and we spend our time prototyping and hacking something great. The goal of the meetup is a shared learning experience and above all to have fun.

Come join us and let’s build our first autonomous Drone together!