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Hackers and Founders is a format that has enjoyed success across the world, with the aim go bringing startup founders, geeks and VCs together to drink beer, talk shop, make connections and have fun. Taking place on the first Wednesday of every month, the meeting will feature a couple of speakers looking at the interaction between startups, business and tech, with plenty of time to chew the fat, shoot the breeze and meet like-minded people on the Cologne scene. So if you’re not with a startup but are look to bring your business online or digitally transform your offering, come by and grab a beer... In that way we hope Hackers and Founders will be a little different: if you want a how-to on creating robust security groups in the latest LXC variant or a masterclass in noSQL sharding best practices, this ain’t the place :)

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Hackers & Founders Cologne - March meetup
Hackers & Founders Cologne - February meetup
Hackers & Founders Cologne - January meetup
Hackers & Founders Cologne - January meetup

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