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    As much as any figure in literature, Hamlet defines character. In his way, he invented you. Throughout the play Hamlet reflects on himself and on the nature of reflection, what he sees and how he sees it the subject of debate and interest for almost five hundred years. Because he “delays” before acting, business types call him a bad business man, but you have to admire his market impact and brand longevity. And, as you know already, what he does and fails to do raises essential questions of how to be and how not to be. The group supports new ways of thinking about life and work. It supports eloquence and the idea we can put beauty at the center of things. It supports using art to challenge our view of the world and our performance in it. We will talk about life, creativity, and authority. We will talk about words. We might trace the web of systems that make situations in the play and in life difficult and majestic. We will enjoy philosophy but leave with tools we can use in our day to day reality. We could make a map of the soul. We may see ourselves as ghosts. Help with the language and understanding the basics of the play will be provided. This is not school or a test. It is a way of using one of the world's great works to make life more interesting and valuable. The group is conducted in English.