Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

New testing tools are introduced every week it seems, but how new and useful are they really? The search for the ultimate tool seems to be a never ending quest. As IT professionals we are required to continuously stay up to date, to keep learning and expand our knowledge. Let us help you with that. During this meetup, you will get to experience a mix of new, promising & exciting, test automation tools in hands-on workshops. For each tool there will be a short introduction and some exercises, so be prepared to get your hands dirty. Let's see how these new kids on the block stack up to the usual suspects. Program
17.30: Doors open
17.45: Dinner starts
18.25: Introducing the concept of the evening
18.30: 1st Round
19:45: Short break
20:00: 2nd Round
21:15: Closing drinks
22:00: End of the night

Featured tools (TBD)
Fitnesse + HSAC fixtures
Karate (Cucumber for API testing)
Your favorite tool? Get in touch if you would like to present. ATTENTION: Don't forget to bring your laptop.