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Apache Mesos & Running DC/OS in production
With the urgent need to learn, share and connect, ITNEXT will proudly host a new meetup. This Engineering orientated gathering can't be missed! You will have Ping-pong, pool table, foosball, darts, beers and - of course! - food!! Schedule 18:00 – Doors open. Food & drinks provided 19:00 – Taco Scargo - Introduction to Apache Mesos & DC/OS 19:45 – Break 20:00 – Giuseppe Procaccianti & Rogier Dikkes - Running DC/OS in production: lessons learned 20:30 – Pool, laughing, networking and drinks until someone kicks us out! Introduction to Apache Mesos & DC/OS - By Taco Scargo Learn how companies like Twitter, Uber & Airbnb have solved their scaling issues using the Apache Mesos project and how DC/OS builds upon this project to enable any company, small or big to benefit from this awesome technology. In this talk Taco Scargo (Senior Solution Engineer from Mesosphere) will show how DC/OS can help to deploy, manage and maintain your data & microservice infrastructure (e.g. Kubernetes) in the most efficient way. Taco Scargo, an experienced solution engineer, is known for helping, educating, and supporting customers as they develop their strategic distributed infrastructure solutions. Currently working as a Senior Solution Engineer for Mesosphere in EMEA, Taco is widely known for his passionate talks. While his speaking engagements have taken him around the world, Taco is proud to call The Netherlands home. Running DC/OS in production: lessons learned - By Giuseppe Procaccianti & Rogier Dikkes Vandebron head of big data Giuseppe Procaccianti and devops Rogier Dikkes will speak about their experiences with running SMACK* on DC/OS in production, as well as their experiences with their migration from Azure to AWS. Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka: (https://mesosphere.com/blog/smack-stack-new-lamp-stack/) Rogier Dikkes previously was responsible for IaaS Cloud and Big Data infrastructure in the HPC Compute industry, here he had his first experience running Apache Mesos and Apache Aurora clusters since 2015. In 2018 he joined Vandebron as DevOps engineer in the Big Data team. In this role he is responsible for the infrastructure based on DCOS. Rogier is a certified beekeeper. Giuseppe Procaccianti is the Head of Big Data at Vandebron. His team is responsible for the Smart Energy Platform (SEP), which supports the real-time and analytics software services that Vandebron offers to his customers, such as the Smart Charging and MijnEnergieVerbruik (Energy Usage Insights) products. Giuseppe has an academic background: previously, he was a post-doc researcher in the Software and Services Research Group of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). He obtained a PhD degree in Software Engineering from the VU in 2015. His main focus is how to use advanced IT technologies to support sustainability and the energy transition.


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Since the founding of ITNEXT in January 2017, many remarkable and inspiring meetups took place that covered a wide range of topics. Many international authors joined our community and we published 1500+ articles. And we ended the year ended with a very crowded and well-received ITNEXT Summit 2017. As the result, our audience expanded significantly.

In 2018, we are determined to take ITNEXT to the next level! Therefore, our focus will be on development & maintenance of awesome software solutions (including infrastructure) using OutSystems, next-gen Frontend, Backend Development, Engineering and Network & Security. This decision is based on the market analysis by LINKIT, an IT-knowledge driven company.

With our knowledge, we try our best to provide you the most relevant content within these scopes due best practices, high-level presentations, hands-on interactive workshops, as well as panel discussions with experts. We do our best to assist you in your personal development, knowledge expansion and last but not least: having FUN!

ITNEXT is a community platform for data scientists, machine learning specialists, developers, software engineers, system engineers and IT Managers to share knowledge, connect, collaborate & learn. We keep an eye on the future to implement what is NEXT! It’s a place to write, discuss and get feedback from articles (www.itnext.io). A place to speak at our monthly meetups and annual conference ( http://www.meetup.com/itnext and www.itnextsummit.com). A place to disagree and acknowledge where you can improve. A place to grow, driven by you, driven by Dev/IT community.

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