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Introduction to Improvisation At the Hub
Introduction to Improvisational Theater Let's do theater without a script, without a plot and without tons of props. Sounds tempting or terrifying? In this class, we will learn how to come up with stories on stage, how to listen to ourselves and our partners, how to fail, how to act and how to commit to the moment. Most importantly though, we will have fun. From creativity exercises to vocal training to storytelling; this class will give you an insight into all ingredients to improv theater. No prerequisites. Come as you are. This introductory class will give you a taste of what Improvisation is but if you want more you can, there will be a new course coming soon!! Learn all the basic skills of Improvisation in an 8-week course, you will have fun, meet new people, learn many things about Improvisation and yourself :D

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Improvisation YES AND,

If any of these things spark your interest:

• Having Fun & meeting new people

• Stepping out of your comfort zone

• Learn about all the benefits of Improvisation

Then this is THE group for you.

In this Meetup, I host FREE workshops, casual meetings and more fun stuff, all about Improvisation.

I will challenge you to trust in yourself, build together with "yes and", learn how to listen to each other and step out of the autopilot of life. Take a look at these lessons of Improvisation by Tina Fey! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmafmRIeet0&t=1s)

If you're interested in a longer Improvisation course, you can join one of my 8-week courses, HERE. (http://www.laurensvanderlinden.nl/Workshops-Courses/) Where you will learn all the basic skills of Improvisation and many more things!

Come in, have fun and let me know if I can help you with anything :)

Laurens van der Linden

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