Wat we doen

In these fast-changing times, we need a lot of new things. We need new ...

- ideas

- plans

- ways of working

- ways of transport and transportation

- ways of communicating

- ways of producing, storing and distributing energy

- ways of handling our garbage

- ways of ...

we need all kinds of new things. Up until now, 'we' did pretty well (look at the prosperity that is gained the last few decades) but uncertain times, events, behaviour of climate, of people and of politicians need us to think of something indeed sustainable. Something that lasts. For a long time, not just from election to election. We need to reinvent the wheel!

Let's do that! We all have ideas, right? If we talk about what we think we find important (be it our children, education, politics or football) we all know pretty well. Let's share those thoughts and come up with something really, really good. And then act! Not just talk but actually DO something.

I (the person adopting this meetup, from November 11th 2018 since nobody else did. My name is Hans Vullers) am already doing something: inventing an urban turbine, which is a small windmill to generate clean green energy. Why that? Because I'm a mechanical engineer. If I were a lawyer I would have done something else. Don't know what (I'm an engineer, no lawyer...) but what I want to say is: in your field of expertise, do what you can to make this world a bit better. And together, step by step, we can really make it better. We can change. We can be a change. We can make a change. Let's be changers!

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