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IoT Belfast is a regular meetup event in Belfast, we aim to bring together people from across industries and different walks of life to discuss and learn about the Internet of Things, and how it may relate to their lives and business.

We come together every month, where 3 speakers have 15 minutes each to share their stories, experiences, technology, invention or opinion on IoT. We encourage speakers from across ages, expertise and skill levels, whether it be a start-up talking about their IoT launch product, an established telecomms company presenting their latest IoT platform, to hobbyists and students who wish to share their recent invention/creation for feedback and comment. We aim to offer a broad range of speakers and to keep the event fresh.

After the presentations there are informal drinks and snacks to encourage friendly networking and community building.

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IoT Belfast 26 - Intelligent Transport

Clockwise Offices

Intelligent Transport will be the theme for November's IoT Belfast. The event will be hosted at the incredible Clockwise offices at River House on High Street. 1) The Future of Intelligent Vehicles --- An IoT perspective on the emerging trends in automotive and commercial vehicles and the pioneering technologies that will enable them, as well as the steps to the holy grail - fully autonomous road transportation vehicles and systems. Dr Philip Catherwood is a Senior Wireless Systems Architect at Sensata Technologies Ltd. 2) Sean Healy --- Sean Healy is Lead Consultant at Kinsetsu 3) Philip McAleese, See.Sense --- 4) Ciara Gillen-Campbell, Belfast City Council / Smart Belfast --- Smart Cities - Journey to Smarter Transport The City innovation team in Belfast City Council are supporting a number of smart transport projects designed to help enhance the experience of travel in the city. We'll share learnings from our iPedal bike project, Urban Healthy Living traffic related Air Quality project and the Last mile delivery anti traffic congestion projects.

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IoT Belfast 25: IoT in Space

Ulster University