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Jupyter Amsterdam is for everyone interested in Project Jupyter (https://jupyter.org/) or in using Jupyter Notebooks. We are committed to supporting Project Jupyter and open source in general, it’s part of our ethos as well as our tech stack. We want to contribute to creating a local community. So if you are a platform designer, developer or a scientist solving problems in applications it would be great to meet you.

We want to bring people together to share experience, knowledge and get others inspired by Project Jupyter. Looking forward to meeting you all and to exchanging knowledge and ideas.

Do you have something you want to talk about? Let us know ahead of time and we can get you the schedule. We encourage first time presenters. Submit your talk to this form https://goo.gl/forms/TWXEJo0ubV267VPF2

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Jupyter meetup #02

Johan Huizingalaan 400

Are you ready for a data challenge? Jupyter Amsterdam is inviting you to solve a challenge at its next meetup on April 4th. During the meetup, we’ll complete a Kaggle competition from A to Z, in a workshop setting, intended for beginners that want to get hands-on data science using Jupyter Notebooks. Please check out the meetup repository for the material: https://github.com/jupyter-amsterdam-meetup/meetups We'd like to thank our generous host HAL24K for providing the venue and for continued sponsorship of the pizza and refreshments. 📊 TALKS ========== 1. Introduction to JupyterHub by Amir Sciammas (https://nl.linkedin.com/in/amir-sciammas) - What is JupyterHub (use case) - Benefits - When to use it - How to deploy - Overview of the project and last release (almost 1.0) 2. Solving the Titanic challenge (https://www.kaggle.com/c/titanic) by Martijn Nanne (https://www.linkedin.com/in/martijn-nanne-6aaa08b5/). We'll be going through the following steps: 1. Loading data and data exploration 2. Feature extraction and feature engineering 3. Create and validate a basic machine learning model The evening will be a great way to solve a data science challenge using machine learning. It’s also a great way to meet people, exchange ideas and let’s not forget that there’s pizza. All you’ll need is your laptop – and your appetite. Data scientists of our community will be on hand to assist you with pointers on how to complete the analysis and crack the challenge. 🕖 LOGISTICS ============== * 17:15 Doors open * 17:30 Food arrives 🍕🍻 * 18:15 Introduction to JupyterHub * 18:30 Challenge explained * 18.40 Challenge commences * 20:40 Talk & drinks If you can't make it, please unRSVP in good time to free up your place for your fellow community members.

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Jupyter meetup

Johan Huizingalaan 400

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