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This group is for Tech Lovers who are using WordPress or anyone interested in WordPress.

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Getting Gutenberg To Do What You Need It To Do

College of Computing and Information Technology

No need to feel stuck using the 40 blocks that come with the new page editor out of the box. Gutenberg Plugins – a new type of WordPress plugins – give you an opportunity to use all types of new blocks for your content. These blocks let you add new UIs to your content such as adjustable columns, pricing tables, a table of contents, a clock countdown and many others. In this meetup, we shall look at Gutenberg in-depth and see how it can be extended to make creating WordPress easier and a lot of fun.

Moving Towards the WordPress RESTful API

Hive Colab

Lead: Shafiq Lutaaya The web has grown quite a bit over the last decade, and WordPress has fallen behind ever so slightly. More applications are being brought to the web with JavaScript and more dynamic websites are being built with languages like Python and Ruby. WordPress core and even a few professional WordPress developers feel that WordPress’ heavy reliance on PHP and minimal use of JavaScript has become far too outdated. This is something the WordPress REST API is meant to solve. This doesn’t mean WordPress is moving away from PHP, but it does mean developers should consider learning JavaScript if they want to take advantage of what this API has to offer.

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How to Pitch a Startup

Hive Colab