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This is a group about User Experience in the area of Utrecht. Ladies that UX is a global social enterprise with meetups in over 50 cities around the globe! We meet up every month for drinks or listen to/give presentations about UX and network with other UXers (so not only ladies, gentlemen are welcome too!).

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// Twitter (https://twitter.com/ladiesthatuxUTC) @ladiesthatuxUTC
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Join the Ladies that UX Slack (https://uxladies.slack.com/shared_invite/MTcxMTkzMDY0Mjc1LTE0OTI1OTM4NDMtZjkyNTlmYTBiNA)group to discuss UX/design ideas, events, articles and job postings.

Any questions, do you want to present, be a volunteer or do you have a suggestion?
Mail us: utrecht@ladiesthatux.com

Check our Ladies that UX Utrecht website (http://ladiesthatux.com/utrecht/) on the Ladies that UX global website.

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