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Le Wagon, is a coding school for startups, creative people and tech entrepreneurs. Our main program, an intensive & immersive FullStack Coding Bootcamp, is designed for complete beginners or "half-beginners" who really want to dive into programming and, above all, change their mindset. Learn to think like a developer, consider issues with new insight, and become more autonomous thanks to these newly acquired abilities.

Our unique goal is to facilitate becoming an outstanding entrepreneur/developer who is able to code his/her own projects and to deeply understand technical issues.

We are a team of dozens professionals (developers, designers, lean experts,...).

Each time, a group of entrepreneurs/aspiring developers joined us from all over the world to learn to code and to design, develop & deploy their first web application.

If you want to enter our selection process and apply for our next edition, check this out: https://www.lewagon.com/amsterdam !

In addition to our intensive program, we organise free workshops, open to everyone, usually on Tuesdays or Thursdays evenings. Come & learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and much more with us!

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API for beginners

A Lab

Have you ever wondered how Facebook is able to automatically display your Instagram photos? How about how Evernote syncs notes between your computer and smartphone? If so, then it’s time to get excited! During this 2 hour workshop, we'll walk you through what it takes to link different IT systems together thanks to this common tool called an Application Programming Interface (API). We will start off easy, explaining the basics of (web) APIs: what they are, how they work, and why they matter. Pre-requisite: No pre-requisite, this is a workshop for beginners. Register here to attend this workshop: https://bit.ly/2ZSObju

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