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This group has been in stealth mode for a while. BCNL has recently included this community in the Blockchain Netherlands (BCNL) eco-system!

Are you interested in organizing a blockchain related meetup in Groningen area? Please contact us.

Also, we welcome you to join BCNL (https://www.meetup.com/BCNLfoundation/).

BCNL is thé community for blockchain, crypto and DLT startups / scale-ups in the Netherlands. Are you involved in a blockchain startup, or would you like to connect to the network, feel free to email team@bcnl.foundation.


Original community description:
"Our meetups are aimed towards those who are interested in learning about the different facets of Blockchain technology and its applications.This meetup group is intended for those who have little-to-no application development skills as well for the skilled developer who wishes to share the knowledge with their peers.Our meetup works with the speed dating and "speed debating" concept.

The purpose of these concepts is to not only give participants the opportunity to learn more about blockchain together with their peers (Peer2Peer mentoring approach) but to also get them thinking critically about the complexities and possibilities/limitations of blockchain by being introduced to and discussing existing blockchain use cases.

Join us and let's learn in-depth about existing use cases, challenge our own understanding of blockchain technology, and better understand how different applications are made with the blockchain such as Smart Contracts, Ethereum, etc.

Let's dig in and discuss all important aspects of Blockchain technology!"

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