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Don't skip leg and ass day!

- Hills, a lot of hills;
- Running shoes and sporting clothes;
- A 10kg weight vest;
- Good spirit.

I train my upperbody in my home gym for two years now. The moment has finally arrived when I look in the mirror and think "Hmm, what about leg day!?"
Training alone at home has been one of the best decisions of my life. Full focus, just the music I like, whenever I feel the urge to train I train, sometimes even in my normal clothes. Ofcourse I follow a program. But, I always skipped leg day because I thought a little running once in a while was good enough. It's not. Besides, working on your legs inside a gym is a shame while you could be running outside and enjoying the fresh air.

So... let's combine running outside, enjoying fresh air in the woods and a nice hill-view when you finally reach the top, with heavy leg and ass training!

There are enough hills in the Nijmegen area. I recently bought a weight vest of 10kg (the weight is adjustable). So a small group meets up, we start a run of approx. 5 to 10km in the hills, and we switch the weight vest every now and then. Afterwards we can grab coffee somewhere and look back on a nice workout. We also do some stretching and excercises during the run, so there will be enough moments to catch your breath.

For who?
For everybody who has at least a little experience with running and/or weight training. For everybody who wants a sunday-morning kick in the face. For everybody who wants to train their legs, ass, condition and posture. For everybody who wants to embrace the suck and find comfort in the discomfort. Don't worry if you think you are too slow or stuff gets too heavy: I have shortcuts for people who want to run shorter distances and nobody is going to force you to wear the weight vest if you don't want to.

For who not?
This is not a running school. If you feel the need to train your technique or you are just getting started with running, there are better options for you. If you are in doubt about where you stand, just come join us once and you know soon enough. We don't bite.

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