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All aboard the AI train! Last meetup of 2018, be there or be square!

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Valkenburgerweg 54 · Heerlen

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Drive up the awesome drivelane and enjoy the view. Turn left and find us at the back of the building! Parking space is free and plenty!

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Wat we doen

The last Meetup of the year and it's another one you don't want to miss! For the first session, we have a great session by AI Microsoft MVP Henk Boelman. Henk speaks at many conferences all around the world, but we managed to book him for our lovely Meetup in Heerlen!

The second session of the evening is by Roelant Dieben, Senior Software Engineer at Ordina. He will also have an AI and Machine Learning related talk, all about making out databases more intelligent.

Session 1: AI on the Microsoft Stack - Henk Boelman
The need to jump on the AI track is more relevant than ever. With the commodity of hardware and the computing power of the Azure Cloud, Artificial Intelligence is at our fingertips and waiting to be implemented in new innovative solutions.

In this session, we do a deep dive into the AI stack that Microsoft has to offer. We start with pre-trained Cognitive services like Computer Vision, Anomaly Detection and Speaker recognition. And move on to the more advanced tooling like Machine Learning Studio and Azure Machine Learning Services.

At the end of this session, you have a good grasp of the technological building blocks that make AI happen. Just waiting to be used in your own projects afterward.

The AI revolution is coming and you can be part of it!

Session 2: How to put the R in Azure - Roelant Dieben
With SQL Server 2017 we got to go wild with SQL Server Machine Learning Services supporting both R and Python in-database analytics.

With the technology maturing it is now time to take a closer look at what the fuss is about. We will explore the possibilities of embedding machine learning code in SQL stored procedures, learn what limits you most likely run into with Azure SQL databases and how even your legacy solutions can get a little smarter by implementing this technology. In addition, we will look at other ways of easily consuming machine learning models when you perhaps have already decided to skip all the awesomeness the recent versions of SQL Server have to offer.