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This community is for everyone interested in Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Azure and .NET.
All skill levels are welcome.
We are committed to help you learn and share things about .NET and Azure.
We meet, virtually, every month using Microsoft Teams and are open to speakers and attendees from around the world.
Our community brings together, students, enthusiasts, experts, and professionals in the Limerick area and around the world (one of the benefits of meeting virtually at the moment).
Join us on our journey!
We want to have a safe place for everyone - so please read our code of conduct.

If you have an idea for a talk see what to do at Information for Speakers.

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Combining Power Platform and Azure to manage your TPS Reports

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Power Platform and Azure can be combined to use the advantages that both have to offer.

In this session, we'll design a system to manage "TPS Reports", fictional documents made famous by the movie Office Space. We'll use several Power Platform and Azure services to create an app, database, report, and email notifications.

So, if you could go ahead and join this session, that'd be great, mmmk...

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Roundtable chat about the benefits of Microsoft Certifications

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