Volgende Meetup

Los Habladores! Conversación en Español en Utrecht
Hi Everybody, This evening is for everybody who wants to practice their Spanish (and even some Dutch back). It's an evening for all levels. Everybody is there to learn.. by hearing other people speak and making your first steps at the same time you will learn much faster! :) Let's talk about ourselves, what do you do for work? Do you have hobbies? What about your travelling experiences? Don't be afraid to share! The most important is that we will meet to have a chill, nice and fun evening! We might even go to the salsa night in "stairway to heaven" after some drinks and snacks. See you on Tuesday! Tot Tuesday! Hasta el Martes! :D Greetings, Los Habladores!

Ele Spaans Tapas Restaurant

Oudegracht 211 · Utrecht

Wat we doen

Are you Learning Spanish? Or do you want to talk more Spanish, to not forget about that course you once took? Well meet us! We are a group of Dutch, Spanish and Latin American people who come together regularly to talk Spanish and have some fun and drinks. We come together weekly one week at thursday the other week at tuesday. So come on and meet us!