It's time to catch up! Open stage & Christmapping Market!

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Maptime Amsterdam
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It's time to catch up! Open stage & ChristMap Market - Wednesday the 21st of December 18:30

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Hello Maplovers!

It's time to catch up!

As a early Christmas present we proudly announce a new Maptime Amsterdam evening on Wednesday the 21st of December! We are almost at the end of 2016 and a lot happened this year so it is the time to reflect. What maps have been made this year while our Maptime chapter was a bit asleep? And which new techniques are in the air? It is about time we catch up before the new year arises.

This evening we will have an Open Stage & a ChristMap Market!! Come and share your own project or products with us. In a 5 to 10 minute presentation we invite you all to show your own made maps and projects you work on. Subscribe by commenting to this Meetup, e-mail to the organizer (Niene) or tweet to @MaptimeAMS

Wifi and beamer are available.

After this it is possible network, chat and have a drink. Ask our entrepreneurs all about their companies, products, ideas and how they did it! Do you like something you see; buy your Mappy Christmas presents here! Until now the following people have confirmed to be there and tell something about their products and companies. They will also bring some products:

Kunst in Kaart ( Beautiful city maps for on the wall by Jorick van Raalten

Stukje stad ( Pieces of your favorite city by Hilko, Ermi & Kayleigh

GoudsmitUtrecht ( Jewelery with perspective by Aletta Teunen

Felt & Ribbon ( - Satellite images jewelery by Barbara Sienkiewicz

Sabeare ( Textiles with geo-patterns by Baukje Rienks

Elevated Delft Blue Map tiles by Erik Meerburg

Locomodo ( Bed covers of Amsterdam.

Kenji Wada ( will tell something about his project at a government agency in San Francisco Bay Area. The project was about redesigning a regional transit map.

Martijn Snelder ( tell something about his Craft Map made with Mapbox Studio Classic.

Nina Papakonstantinou from the Waag will be there to cut out some maps with the laser cutter! Examples are available but you are free to bring your own!

Maptime is BYOB, you can bring your own dinner, snacks, drinks and beers to the Waag. Some coffee and tea will be provided. And of course some pizza as snacks are sponsored by CartoDB!

Pizza Time!

CartoDB is sponsoring pizzas during all Maptime meetups! Looking back at a long year of Maptimes and mapping fun, one thing has remained true: Pizza and mapping go hand-in-hand. CartoDB’s Maptime pizza donations this past year has ensured that this remains true, and that mappers everywhere, from Chicago to Berlin, didn’t go a mapping evening un-fed.
So there will be some pizza for snacks at Maptime Amsterdam! For the rest Maptime is BYOB. Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks to the meetup!

About Maptime AMS

Maptime Amsterdam is a monthly map hack night hosted by Waag Society. We meet once a month on a Wednesday at 18.30 to work on maps, learn about geospatial data, and teach each other the latest cartographic tools.

Maptime is, rather literally, time for mapmaking. Our mission is to open the doors of cartographic possibility to anyone interested by creating a time and space for collaborative learning, exploration, and map creation using mapping tools and technologies.

This open learning environment for all levels and degrees of knowledge offers intentional support for the beginner. Maptime is simultaneously flexible and structured: creating space for workshops, ongoing projects with a shared goal, and independent/collaborative work time.

Inspiration for Maptime comes from both hack nights and knitting circles. Both are models of spaces for people to create and learn together. Our goal is to provide this space with an open heart and witho

ut pretension. You can bring your own projects to work on, just hang out and socialize, or ask questions. Some people are experts, and some people are just getting started, but all of us are learning. So, why not do it together?

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