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Gender and Inclusion in Design & Tech
Our next meetup already has a date and a theme. We welcome you to join us on 12 November for a session on Gender and Inclusion in Design & Tech. How does gender influence the way we design and make things? How much gender-specific or gender-non-specific should we be? What can design and technology gain from gender-diverse teams? We can already announce some very excited guests who’ll present their views and engage with the audience in a debate. These include: KRISTINA HÖÖK – research leader at the Swedish institute RISE SICS. Research interests include affective interaction, somaesthetic design, internet of things and anything that makes life with technology more meaningful, enjoyable, creative and aesthetically appealing. ANNA STÅHL – trained as industrial engineer and holder of a Ph.D. in human computer interaction, her research interests are in the area of design research and bodily interaction. She is currently working in the SOMA project, which deals with body awareness through technology. The current focus of this research project is about studying the use of prototypes intended for increased body awareness. BUTTERFLY WORKS – a social design studio pioneering the use of co-creation and design thinking in international development. Butterfly Works strives for the creation of a world in which people have a say in the future they want. Every month, we organise at least one public event where we can reflect on and discuss all things design. RSVP so that we can accommodate you better and provide enough drinks for attendees.

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    The M.Sc. programme in Digital Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences believes in engaging the local design community to create a place to exchange ideas between professionals, academics, and students. For this reason, we plan regular meetups during the academic year, with guest-speakers and/or students' presentations to discuss all things design. We also host open events to provide information about the programme.

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