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Bonjour, Parles - tu français ? Tu veux rencontrer des personnes, parler et améliorer ton français en toute convivialité. Sois le bienvenue à ce Meetup de conversation en français. Nous allons parler de la culture française (cinéma, musique, théâtre, littérature…) mais aussi de l'actualité en France, des voyages, des études, de la recherche d'un travail, des habitudes des français… Tout cela dans la joie et la bonne humeur. Une contribution de 5 euros par personne est demandée pour l'organisation de ces conversations françaises. A bientôt Sofiane

Amsterdam Public Library (OBA)

Oosterdokskade 143 1011 Amsterdam · Amsterdam

€ 5,00

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    Wat we doen


    This year I am going to organize French classes for all French lovers at a low price.

    I do it because I like teaching my complicated but lovely mother tongue to foreigners. Also I appreciate the discussions about languages and culture.

    The classes are held in different bars in Amsterdam. As an experienced teacher I have a plan for every lesson, but I can also listen to your wishes and prepare something you want to practice.

    Why is it open?

    It is generally open in two senses. It is open because it’s not connected to any institution, does not follow any book and does not finish with an exam for certification.

    I am open to hearing your views on how you would like to learn. It is open because there is no set payment, furthermore I like the idea of "pay what you want" aka pay the amount you think the class is worth. At the end of each lesson I put out a jar and ask you to put some money in. I do not want to set a certain amount or collect money from each of you, because I also want people with very little money to have the chance to join classes.

    What is a recommended donation?

    Well, I find it difficult to talk about money, because I like what I do. However, it takes quite an effort to organize the classes, prepare them, hold them, answer questions afterwards, directly, via email or Facebook. I do it that way, because I think doing it halfway is not helpful or nice. But to be honest, I cannot do it if we are not paid a bit for it.

    You can make some comparisons to answer this question. What do you pay for an individual lesson, for a lesson in a language school, for a yoga class ? In the end the recommended donation is something between 5 and 10 Euros - or more, if you have enough money and would like to make up for others only being able to pay less.

    How can one attend the classes?

    Just come to the right place, at the announced time to join the group you think you fit in to. Please let me know if you plan to attend, so I can plan the lesson and print enough copies.

    To do that join the weekly formed events on Facebook


    What are the levels like?

    We have four different levels for the french classes: I Beginner - II Intermediate - III Advanced - Expert IV and in addition a II-III Conversation Class.

    That is not a very precise classification. Some people join a certain level, because they would like to repeat and improve the topics covered there, others hear about the things for the first time and are sometimes a bit overwhelmed. However, in the end works out somehow for everyone. This could help you a bit with the decision which class to visit:

    Beginner: Starts from the beginning with basic knowledge (A1.1.) about saying hello and goodbye, eating and drinking. I work with verbs in the present tense. I try to give an idea about the language and help with studying on your own. Approximately every three months I start a new turn. The current turn starts in march 2016.

    Intermediate: Is for people who know a bit about French language (kind of all we teach in Beginner class). You will learn adjective endings, the first cases, past tense and other things you would like to know to speak a grammatically correct French. (A1.2 - A2) Besides we have a focus on speaking and vocabulary. The current turn starts in march 2016.

    Advanced: In this class we mainly talk in French and have a look at more complicated grammar topics. (approx. A 2- B 1) We want to help you improve your grammar knowledge and vocabulary. The topics are therefore very different, many times depending on what you ask for, what is going on in the world or topics that are good to know and/or repeat. The current turn starts in march 2016.

    Expert: The goal of this class is to learn about and get familiar with levels and nuances of the language – that is for example to know an author’s or speaker’s position or to understand puns and references. On the productive side we will practise our findings in discussion exercises. Vocabulary and grammar can and will be discussed in the contexts. Everybody is invited to bring texts and topics they find interesting into class. Conversation: This class is for everyone, who has already a few French reading and speaking skills, but would like to improve vocabulary and certainty in speaking. (approx. A 2 and higher)

    We read texts, talk about topics and learn things about France. Mostly we work in small teams, talk and do easy role-plays in a funny and spontaneous way. Of course we also answer questions in terms of grammar, but this should not be the main topic. The knowledge level is between our Advanced and Intermediate Class.

    A bientôt