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Machine learning hackathon / please note: change of date
During the hackathon we’ll use a nice logistic data set in order to find the correct algorithm to solve our challenge: find the optimal routing to distribute Xmas presents. Using any tool you like. We will work in teams so that experienced and non-experienced data scientists can participate. Drinks and pasta will of course be provided. !! PS: please note - different location from previous hackathons!! We moved to a new building across the street: address = Flight Forum 3360. Read about our last hackathon: https://blogs.itility.nl/en/predicting-software-build-duration-a-regression-problem


Flight Forum 3360 · Eindhoven

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    Wat we doen

    Big Data is everywhere. Our goal is to turn that data into actionable knowledge, hence value to the customer.

    So who should join? Data scientists with a passion for actually delivering results.

    Why would you wanna join? We'll have data scientists talking about topics like machine learning, predictive analytics, visualization techniques. But only briefly - since we are about doing. Not just words, but real acts. During the meetups we will use all kinds of tools (Splunk, R, Azure ML studio etc) to play around with these topics and really create something tangible during the meetup as a joint team effort. A hackabrain..

    So: no theory, only practical examples and the opportunity to learn from each other. Pizza and drinks included of course!

    If you are interested in Data Science and you'd like to work on practical usecases with fellow data scientists: come and join us.