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To accommodate our members, we're scheduling to a steady rhythm. Every first Friday of the month, there will be a meetup. In the odd months, we'll host a session aimed at beginners, and those of us who want to hone their craft by going back to first principles. In the even months, we'll host a session aimed at advanced practitioners, and those of us who are interested in taking their craft to the next level. This session, the topic is Book Club: We discuss all the best books on graphic facilitation, sketchnoting, graphic recording, video scribing, and visual thinking! A suitable location is still in the works, so if you have one, and would like to host the meetup, contact us! Please note that scheduling to a steady rhythm does not mean that ad-hoc sessions are frowned upon. Far from it, we are happy to accommodate those as well! So if you have a suggestion for a session, or just happen to know a graphic facilitation guru visiting the Netherlands and willing to grace us with their presence, feel free to schedule a session through our meetup!

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A meetup group for all sketchnoters, graphic recorders/facilitators, and visual thinkers in The Netherlands. Open to both professionals and enthusiasts. Love to draw, doodle, sketch, or paint? Looking for your peers or potential mentors? Join us! You've never been met like this before!

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