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Drinks @ Wijchen
Explore the ‘wonderful’ Wijchen in it’s full glory and have a drink at one of it’s top cafés!

Sterrenbosch Wijchen

kasteellaan 6, 6602DE · Wijchen

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We are a group for individuals that want to meet other persons from Nijmegen and surrounding towns. Here you can meetup with like-minded people and just have a good time in any way you like.

Don't be obligated to join events. If the event isn't exactly for you and/or you don't feel comfortable in any way, feel free to leave. No excuses necessary and no social pressure!

Please update your RSVP on time if you want to join an event or if you changed your mind.

In this meetup group we will mostly host low-key events. If you want to host an event yourself, please feel free to use the suggestion option or to contact the organizer!