Wat we doen

This is a calling to all Node.js enthusiasts! We'd love to meet other Node.js enthusiasts and other people interested in server side JavaScript development using Node.js, whether they are deploying their applications in a serverless architecture (i.e. AWS API Gateway, Lambda & DynamoDB) or a more traditional architecture (i.e. using Node.JS RESTful or GraphQL server, Express & MongoDB)! We'll meet once per quarter at LINKIT's office to get together and to share thoughts and experiences.

With our knowledge, we try our best to provide you the most relevant content around Node.js due best practices, high-level presentations, hands-on interactive workshops, as well as panel discussions with experts. We do our best to assist you in your personal development, knowledge expansion and last but not least: having FUN!

Do you want to speak at a meetup? Do you want to join the Summit? Maybe, host an event? Or just want to keep in touch? Please feel welcome for reaching out to us!