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Life & Time Management Workshop
Hi guys! In this workshop we focus on learning practical tools and strategies for managing our time and organizing our life that will help us achieve what we really want more effectively, and with a lot more fulfillment in the process! The workshop will consist of explanations of this time & life management system, followed by some exercises in applying this system to your life, goals and dreams. The workshop will be 10,- p.p., if this is too much let me know--money should not be an issue. I'm excited, hope to see you there! :D - Hardy

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In this group, weekly workshops will be held on the area of personal development -- practical stuff that you can use to improve your life: your emotional life, relationships and professional life.

The workshops are designed to be fun, interactive, valuable and practical. If you want to grow, have fun and meet a bunch of awesome like-minded people, then this is the group for you! :)