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Let's talk in English @ OBA Library 7th floor Restaurant Babel OBA
Hello all, This meetup is about practising English speaking with people from all over the globe! It's about meeting people from different cultures, having fun and improving your confidence in speaking English. (so it's not a language course! No teacher here) But it's about making new friends to make the most of your life in Amsterdam. Feel free to take your friends too! The meeting is Saturday 4 PM at Restaurant Babel, 7th floor OBA. See you there! Cheers, Stefan and the team

Amsterdam Public Library (OBA)

Oosterdokskade 143 1011 Amsterdam · Amsterdam

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Wat we doen

Hello all :)

The aim of this group is to practice english with people from all over the globe. It's about meeting people with different cultures, meeting new friends and to improve your confidence in speaking english. We meet every Saturday at 4 pm in the Amsterdam Library's restaurant La Place (7th floor), next to the Amsterdam Central Station. Talk, meet and have fun!

Please bring friends, they re more than welcome!

Please, always check the description of each event because location could change, when it's sunny for example.


Stefan and the team