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Meet ups by developers for developers.

Learn first hand about the different technologies that support the entire application development from front end to back end lifecycle.

NativeScript: Use Angular, TypeScript or JavaScript to build truly native iOS and Android mobile apps across platforms.

OpenEdge: Build, protect and deploy apps across any platform or mobile device.

Rollbase: Rapidly develop, manage and deploy business apps, delivered as SaaS in the cloud.

Kendo UI: Build rich, smart HTML5, JavaScript and Angular apps for any platform, browser or device.

DevCraft: Leverage a complete UI toolbox for web, mobile and desktop development.

Test Studio: Automate UI, load and performance testing for web, desktop and mobile.
Business Rules Management

Corticon: Automate decision processes with a no-code business rules engine - BRMS.

DataRPM: Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) Platform for IoT / Meta Learning