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Subcultures is supporting the game designer scene in Utrecht! Every 3rd monday of the month a "playtest special" of Utrecht Speelt will be hosted. We will announce your game on a Flip-Chart at the entrance to get testers interested in your prototype. Think about a name and few keywords to one sentence to describe your prototype plus a good estimation on how long it will take + player count. The game night starts at 19:00 so try to be there a little bit early to write on the Flip-Chart and set up your game. You are allowed to bring little treats in form of snacks or sweets to the venue to give them to your testers :-) You are not allowed to bring drinks to the event. All drinks have to be purchased there. A part of the location will be dedicated for us to test boardgame prototypes. If you are the first time at a prototype special please contact me and let me know a little bit of your prototype in advance.

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I am looking for people who enjoy to test board- and card game prototypes and give feedback about them. It should be a meeting place for boardgame enthusiasts, people who are curious how a boardgame comes to life and boardgame designers who want first hand feedback on their game.

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