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Face-to-face meetings for people to learn data science (using R as primary focus, also focusing on inter-operability between R and other data science languages)
Introduce R to people with no experience in R or data science.

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Introduction to Statistics with R - Session 3 of 3 - Re-scheduled

This event is re-schedule as some of the members who attended earlier session could not travel due to concern about corona virus. We will develop concepts of distributions and confidence interval. For distributions, we will especially focus on normal distributions which are also known as Guassian distributions. We will then develop notion of confidence interval (e.g. based on observed data, how can we say that there is 95% chance that a measurement will lie between a certain interval of values) This session is planned longer (3 hours) to have enough time to develop those concepts. We will also plan some exercises to allow the participants to develop their understanding further. (So please bring laptops).

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