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Good News is that anyone can learn Reiki. The ability to learn Reiki is not dependent on intellectual capacity nor does one have to be able to meditate. It does not take years to practice. it is easily learn by anyone even children.

Learn to Heal yourself and others (even animals, pets ) take advantage of reiki and other healing modalities. Raise you awareness.....increase your energy level and expand your magnetic field energy (aura) so that you can attract whatever you want in your life ... connect with divine energy and protect and shield yourself. Make your life stress free and enjoy each and every moment

Join and experience all of my healing modalities. Take a class and transform your life.
I offer classes for Reiki therapy ,Angel therapy, Aura & chakra cleansing, Chakra activation, chakra balancing and Angel reading and many more.......

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Healing And Wellness Workshop

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