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Framer X, ReasonML & Auto component conversion React <-> Angular
React Amsterdam community has been quiet for a while but that's about to change. Are you ready? 🤔 We're returning on October 25 with another edition of our Meetup with amazing talks by Framer product engineer Eelco Lempsink and frontend engineer Vladimir Milenko. We'll discuss the features of Framer X and how to convert components between frameworks. Big thanks for the support of our main partners Evolution Gaming (https://www.evolutiongaming.com/who-we-are) and IJsberen (https://www.ijsberen.io). If your company also interested in getting exposure in the local tech community, please email us - [masked] __ As per usual, we expect a full hose so hurry up with your RSVP. We have really good news for our community, and we're going to announce it at the event, so you should definitely be there. 😉 # Event Schedule 18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization at Crea Cafe 19:00 - Introduction and (big) announcements 19:10 - "Framer X: React meets design" by Eelco Lempsink 19:40 - "Pattern-based conversion of React <-> Angular components" by Vladimir Milenko 20:10 - Short break 20:40 - "Using ReasonML in your next React project" by Roy Derks 21:10 - Beers and Talks till bar closes ## Framer X: React meets design by Eelco Lempsink (https://twitter.com/eelco) Framer X is an advanced interactive design tool, powered by React. In Framer X, you can use actual React components in your design, bringing Code and Design together in a completely new way. We’ll talk about the challenges we encountered while creating Framer X. From how to make a performant graphics editor to building a dynamic component loader. About Eelco Eelco Lempsink is a product engineed at Framer, the co-founder of Tupil, the creator of NoFlaggedMailbox, a plugin for Mail.app that hides the ‘Flagged’ mailbox, and a former masters student at Utrecht, graduated cum laude with a thesis about `Generic type-safe diff and patch for families of datatypes'. ## Pattern-based conversion of React <-> Angular components by Vladimir Milenko (https://twitter.com/astexkg) Developers always can translate component to any other framework. We use pattern matching to see how we can transform specific part of code into same-behaving part in other frameworks. In this topic I will present idea of Universal Syntax Tree, when specific parts are declared as a pattern and each pattern has its own generator for any framework. About Vladimir Vladimir is a software developer at Lightspeed HQ. When he writes react code, he's thinking not only about having a good component API and correct component-splitting, but also about optimization, on how React reconciler will process his component. He loves to make things perfect, even though no one is protected from having a bug! ## Using ReasonML in your next React project by Roy Derks (https://twitter.com/gethackteam) ReasonML is based on the OCaml programming language and was created at Facebook, by the same creator as React! It shares a lot of features, but with the benefits of a statically typed functional programming language. ReasonML compiles to JavaScript and can therefore be used to create strongly typed React applications. About Roy Roy is a CTO and Technical Founder of SwitchBay.com promoting Full-Stack JavaScript with #javascriptEverywhere. He loves React and React Native and often organizes workshops for people with various skill levels. --- By registering to this event you agree to comply with our Code of Conduct http://confcodeofconduct.com # Contact If you have any questions about the React Amsterdam community (meetups & conferences) - reach us at [masked] # Social Twitter https://twitter.com/reactamsterdam YouTube https://www.youtube.com/reactamsterdam Facebook https://www.facebook.com/reactamsterdam


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