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This group is for all age groups 18 and over. No pictures or any of that nonsense is necessary. If you have a kayak, or are going to get a kayak, or are just mildly interested in kayaking, this group is for you. We will meet at the water at the events, talk about boating, and then just get in the water and go. We will have different locations for our meets depending on what our members suggest. Very much a warm water event, our members should share their experiences and coach new kayak(ers?) Experience not necessary, kayak ownership not necessary, just join and talk in our discussions. Our discussions will revolve in topics such as : "latest deals found, new or used", "kayak techniques", what to bring "floating", or anything else about this wonderful water sport. Hopefully we will encourage some of our more "experienced" members to be helpers/guides/tutors. If you are an amateur kayak(ist), don't be afraid. If you have never been in one before, come and try one out. We will talk about boat safety, survival techniques, and various and sundry other topics under the sun. Put down that stupid "smart phone" and pick up a paddle and meet us at the water.

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