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We host meetups every 2 to 3 months with Ruby related talks. Sometimes we do a special event or we help hosting, like a workshop or a Rails Girls event. The goal is to get everyone who's passionate about Ruby or wants to be together! Everyone is invited! No experience needed.

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Talks & Drinks 🎃


Rubyists of Rotterdam (or anywhere for that matter), we're back! Rotterdam.rb will be hosting regular talks and drinks again in Rotterdam. Kick-off will be in October, just before halloween (costumes are allowed 🎃). 18:00-19:00 Having a drink and a snack, time to talk to eachother 19:00 - Talk #1 - Hongli Lai about Fullstaq Ruby https://fullstaqruby.org/ Fullstaq Ruby is a Ruby distribution that's optimized for use in servers. 19:45 - Talk #2 - TBD Second talk is to be determined. Get in touch if you want a podium.