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SAFE stands for Secure Access For Everyone. The SAFE Network is a secure data storage and communication platform, owned by users and controlled by no one. Instead of relying on servers that are operated by companies and can be shut down or censored, SAFE doesn't have a central authority that can control the content on the network. Anyone can join by installing the SAFE software and creating an account free of charge. No personal information is shared with the network unless you explicitly publish it.

Furthermore, this open source peer-2-peer network provides a privacy-first, no-cost infrastructure for app developers. This group invite anyone to start developing applications with an on the SAFE Network. Open to all levels, backgrounds and languages, this group aims to help you in reaching your goal of programming a privacy-first application.

More information:

• SAFEnetwork.org (https://safenetwork.org/)

• Developer forum (http://forum.safedev.org)

• API Documentation (http://api.safedev.org)

• Tutorials (https://tutorials.safedev.org/)

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