Wat we doen

This group brings together professionals from different backgrounds, with a shared interest in the beautiful world of Innovation & Digital Transformation. All topics are related to either the tech- or the business side of Innovation.

Meetups are done onsite or online. Usually we have on the agenda a mix of presentations, Q&A and a workshop. We always make sure there is something to learn and an opportunity to connect!

Participants, coming from the public- and the private sector, are entrepreneurs, managers, employees and students.

Join us if you don't want to miss the latest developments in Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship!

Get easy access to a network of people with an innovation background.

Listen to short presentations, enjoy a speed workshop or participate in a lively debate during an informal session. If you can join us onsite we serve drinks&bites.

Due to the pandemic restrictions it was hard to meet in person. Because we wanted to continue the learning vibe, we started a new podcast series. It's called SmartCommunity Quick Learning Bites, you can find it on Spotify and Buzzsprout.

SmartCommunity is a KrullSolutions.com initiative.

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