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This is group for anyone interested in Software Development, Software Architect and Software Engineering. If you have passion or interested with Software Architecture you are on the right place.

Our meetup coverage on both the technical and non-technical aspects of software architecture.

Visit our website: http://sarccom.org

Channel for everyone interested with SARCCOM Activity: https://t.me/sarccom


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Software Architecture Conference 2019

Gedung Pusat Perfilman Usmar Ismail

[FREE WORKSHOP] Simple CI/CD using GitLab

COHIVE - Nissi Bintaro Campus - 1st Floor

[FREE WORKSHOP] Analytics Using Kibana and Elasticsearch

COHIVE - Nissi Bintaro Campus - 1st Floor

[FREE WORKSHOP] - Defining Problem Before Designing Solution

COHIVE - Nissi Bintaro Campus - 1st Floor