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Hi, we are Speculative Futures Rotterdam, a part of the global Speculative Futures community and non-profit organisation The Design Futures Initiative.

Speculative Futures is an international community of meetups focused on Speculative & Critical Design, Design Fiction, Futurism, and Strategy & Foresight and any vision or approach which involves using design as a vehicle to speculate about potential or alternate futures. Speculative Futures is an effort steered by the Design Futures Initiative.

Every 2-3 months we host events where we discuss the possible and alternate futures. Each event is dedicated to an exploration of one topic, and consists of a short lecture followed by a workshop. With help of experts, we think about the implications that emerging technologies and changing global trends may have on our everyday tomorrow.

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Speculative Futures Rotterdam

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Future of digital economy

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Future of Intimacy

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Postcards from the Future (online workshop)

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Imagine Future of Jobs (Workshop)

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