Wat we doen

Goals: Maintaining your passion and realizing your purpose & profit (entrepreneurs).

Everything you want to know about getting your business started and eventually -if needed- getting your business funded, meaning these meetups will mainly focus on landing your (first) paying customers. These meetups are for groups but you can ask us anything related to your specific business case.

We will share our lessons learned and focus on translating to what this can mean for each of your businesses. Besides that we will provide you with tips & tricks regarding our methods and tools. So bring your business case!

If you have a specific question about starting or funding your business, feel free to book an individual session with us as well. Every Tuesday we have 2 spots of 30 minutes available for a 'walk in session'. Non-committal so free of any charge :) You can book it here (https://www.apollo14.nl/en/support/start-lean-funding/).