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StartFighter is a community driven accelerator in Twente, helping entrepreneurs to build and expand their business. There are many business events, coaching programs and other opportunities to help you, but choosing the right help can be hard. Which businessclub, coach or event can help you to create the next booming business? The experienced StartFighter Wingmen select and funnel existing events and make sure entrepreneurs get the right knowledge at the right time!

StartFighter provides high quality and relevant input for entrepreneurs. The program is intended for both early stage startups and companies in the next upscale phases. StartFighter does not organise their own events, this Meetup group contains a list of all selected events you can visit.

Want to know more about how our events are selected? Read the Q&A about events (http://www.meetup.com/Startfighter-Twente/pages/Q_and_A:_Startfighter_Events/)

Time to get your startup to the next level!

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