Volgende Meetup

Drink/eat, network, have fun, talk, get to know eachother
Let's keep it simple. This is a repeating event for members, to get to know other members. Have a drink, a bite, and talk about anything you like, in this laidback, chill, inspiring environment. We are here to get to know eachother. Offcourse we are in this group because we have a entrepreneurial mindset, we have a passion about starting up businesses, so we probably will talk about that too, so no worries. Every member is welcome! You can bring your friends, as long they RSVP through you! =) Just want to keep the meetup safe, transparent and open for everyone. There is one rule though, there must be at least 5 attendees, otherwise the event will be postponed to the next week, so if you really like to meet other members, rsvp so others know you are not just here to look at other people, but you are willing to take action to go out there and take this interesting journey. Remember, nothing happens, if you don't take action.... My warmest greetings, Sonyo Let's continue these networking events...it has been great, meeting new people from different nationalities. Let's connect.

@BANK15, Tilburg

Spoorlaan 350 · Tilburg

Wat we doen

An (Early stage) Multi-national group of people with entrepreneurial spirit.

Creative, Innovative minds. Inventors. Product developers. Webprogrammers. Mobile Apps Developers. 3D CAD developers, Prototype model makers. Startup founders. Investors. Let's come together and create something new and better for the world.

Share - Collaborate - Disrupt -

Some companies & people I look up to:

• Alibaba (Jack Ma)

• AirBnb

• Uber

• Tango & Routemobiel (Michiel Muller)

#Any startup that is disruptive or bringing real value to the end customers/users.


• 'It starts with A Dream, An Idea, A Vision'

• 'Where there is a problem, there is An Opportunity'

• 'Having a great Idea is not enough, It's about How Well you can Execute'

• 'Having the Talent is not always enough, having the right Mindset and Mentality will make you go far'

• 'Multidisciplinary teams are the Best Teams'.

• 'Work hard, be a self motivator'

• 'Take time for family'

• 'Enjoy Life and Travel the World'

• 'Once awhile in your Life you need to take a Leap of Faith, and see what Life brings you'

• 'If you don't try, you'll never know'

• 'Never Give Up'

Short message to the visitors and our SIC Members: (updated 2-juli-2017)

The Kick Off Meeting I planned will finally start! Sorry for the DELAY!!!! I'm sick of it, but no time to waste now, let's get it started! :) You can still JOIN now if you want to be part of this group. Early members will have some advantages, like you will have the chance to bring in your ideas, to form this group, want to be an co-organizer? Let me know what you can do, and where your talents are, and we'll see what we can do together!

Every HELP is appreciated! Thank you...

As we are in an early stage of this SIC group, you will have a chance to bring in your ideas and help form the direction of this group. I've already come up with a lot of ideas, topics and events for these meetups. But it's also nice to hear what moves our members. Program will be revealed in the next meetups and here as soon it has been set. In the meanwhile, just drop me a line if you have any questions or suggestions for this meetup, or future meetups! :) Looking at the wonderful people who already joined, I have a feeling that it's gonna be awesome!

Looking forward to this interesting and exciting journey, with You! CU@theMeetUp!