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Right now it's a great moment to be a technologist. From micro services, to ES6, to functional programming: the shape of the software development industry is radically and rapidly changing by the month. This group aims to enable software professionals to explore new technologies and to stay on top of every thing development.

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Sytac Azure Night | June 2022

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The Sytac is continuing to bring value to the Azure world with another Azure Night event!
In the ever-growing world of Information Technology, we decided to broaden our capabilities and start organizing events around Cloud Computing, too!
You will hear from extraordinary speakers about great topics at the Azure Night!
18:00 – 🏢 Door opens
18:15 – 🎫 Introduction
18:20 – 🎤 Martin Dimovski: Don't save money on me; use your availability options, Sincerely Your Production
19:05 – 🎤 Aliaksei Yanchuk: Storing confidential data using CosmosDB & KeyVault
19:45 – 🍺 Beers and Networking

# Martin Dimovski | Sytac

Session Info
Every time when the cost is increased, the first sentence that you will hear is to delete the Azure resource. This is not a preferable approach, since someone spent months of time bringing up these resources. In this session, you will get ultimate insights about Cost savings, Availability options, and other Azure options.
Listeners will enjoy the nice journey with a lot of real examples from Martin's professional experience.
As a key takeaway, you will get to know why it is important to leverage the availability options by Azure, and save on your costs beforehand, rather than being sad later due to a huge bill.
Martin is a DevOps engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Most of the tools that he has been working with are Microsoft-based.
He started as an IT support, over the System, Network, and Cloud Administrator roles, to become an Azure DevOps Engineer. He's also a Microsoft trainer with a primary focus on Azure courses. He currently works and resides in the Netherlands, and in his spare time enjoys traveling, and playing football.

# Aliaksei Yanchuk | Sytac

Session Info
If you work for a security-minded organization, odds are you've been told to secure your application and your cloud apps and infrastructure. If you won't do this, then no one will for you: you are the key to security. if you wonder just how to get started, you want to join this session! Because securing your apps in the age of public clouds is not just easy -- it's too easy! You just need to know-how. In his demo, Aleks will show you how to leverage Azure native services that you have probably seen (or you use already) to build data storage that guarantees a very high degree of confidentiality. In fact, confidentiality is good enough for a bank to handle sensitive data. And that all with relatively few lines of code in Java, Node, and Golang.
Aleks is a solution architect, tech lead, DevOps guy, or (just fill in desired role name here) with 23 years of experience in the IT industry. Aleks takes pride in building things that are stable, secure, and run for years. Last 5 years Aleks was working with well-known brands to gradually embrace the use of cloud resources and adopt cloud-based services into daily operation. When away from the keyboard (which doesn't happen all too often), Aleks spends his time riding his mountain bike or co-piloting Cessnas.

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Sytac Azure Night

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