Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

To build great software you need mad skills. To reach a high level of craftsmanship in software development you need a lot of time, many (solved) problems and mistakes, teamwork and a hint of brilliancy.

At TOPdesk Development, we invest time and effort in creating high quality code and sharing knowledge. How do our developers keep up with the latest trends? They engage in communities of practice. They follow their personal development interests, for about 10% of their work hours. And the teams from TOPdesk's European branches gather for a conference once a year, which is concluded by a hackathon - for fun and coding outside the box.

Our competitive market demands outstanding technical solutions. Together with our agile way of working and TOPdesk's international environment, these needs continuously provide for new challenges. Curious about the things that keep us busy? Subscribe to the TOPdesk Tech Talks and join us for inspiring hours at our office in Delft.