Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

A not for profit meditation community. Interested in learning and practicing meditation based on teachings from an authentic (Tibetan) Buddhist lineage for various personal and professional motives. Group is secular and open to all. We organise monthly group meditation get togethers and occasional workshops.

The Meditation Groups meet regularly to further explore Mingyur Rinpoche’s teachings with the support of a community of meditators and the guidance of a comprehensive meditation group curriculum. This curriculum, based on Mingyur Rinpoche’s books, The Joy of Living and Joyful Wisdom, covers the core teachings of the Joy of Living program and includes guided meditations, experiential exercises, and questions that foster group discussion.

Sessions are held on a drop–in basis and are offered without charge, though minor donations, to cover cost only, are encouraged for sustainability purposes. There are no prerequisites for attending meditation groups. Currently the Group Meditations are held in Den Haag on various dates.

See the October Joy of Living Meetup for further details on the upcoming workshop with a Tergar Instructor.